OTC Sales/Pickouts

Over the Counter Sales
Normal office hours:  7:30a – 4:30p, Monday-Friday
Phone:  (509) 682-2591

Cherry Pick Outs & Packed Boxes
Available mid June through early August
Includes Red Cherry, Rainier, & Orondo Ruby

Apple & Pear Pick Outs are not available at this time

Packed Apples & Pears - see below for dates available

Apple Variety     Approximate Dates Available
*Red Delicious Year round
*Golden Delicious Year round
*Granny Smith    Year round
*Gala Late August through Early July
*Fuji Mid-September through Mid-July
*Braeburn Mid-October through Late May
*Honeycrisp Mid-September through Early March
*Pink Lady Early November through Late February
*Cameo Mid-October through Late June
*Rome Mid-October through Early February (Limited quantity)
*Jonagold Mid-September through Mid-February
*Ambrosia Mid-October through Mid-June
Pear Variety Approximate dates available
*D’Anjou Mid-September through Late June
*Bartlett Late August through Late January
*Bosc Mid-September through Early April
*Red Anjou Late September through Late February
*Red Bartlett
(Red Sensation)
Early September through Late December (limited quantity)
*Starkrimson Mid-August through Late November (limited quantity)
*Comice Mid-September through Late December (limited quantity)
*Concorde Mid-September through Late December (limited quantity)

*Also available as Organic.  All Organic varieties normally sold out by February 1.  Some varieties have limited quantity.